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“Sayang ang ganda pa naman nya.” The officer who processed my ID told that to my Ate. She kiddingly OR not replied, “Hayaan nyo na po, panget na sya ngayon.”
I didin’t know that time how to react. I just smiled. But I know I was just trying to be OKAY. Okay as in okay, PWD ka na.
She handed me my PWD ID when I was still in the hospital and said, “Wag kang madedepress ha. Kailangan mo kasi yan.”


At times I get sad because of that label, person with disability. My mother usually say, “Hindi ka na kasi normal. PWD ka na.”

PWD—- Any Filipino citizen with physical or mental impairment that restricts him or her to perform daily living activities either continuously or periodically for extended periods.

People have different reactions when they found out that I’m a PWD. Most of them, even if they don’t say a single word, are so confused as if I am playing a joke on them. I would say, “Ako yan” with a smile. Some would laugh about it. Wait, what’s funny? Kasi ‘multiple disabilities’ nga naman.
The rest… they feel sad. And it’s okay. I’m okay. I can’t be mad just because they don’t understand what’s really going on. Because they weren’t in my shoes.
If I am feeling down because of this, what more are those persons who can’t walk, hear or even see? I look perfectly fine physically and still can do almost everything but with limitations because of my heart and lung conditions. The word AWA has no room. Ain’t helping actually.
I read an article about the 5 things You Should Never Tell a PWD. And surprisingly, the num 1 is: Sayang ang (compliment) naman nya.

In my case, to that officer, it is never SAYANG. I am not sayang ’cause I’m still alive. That, I should say is the most important thing now.
Things may never be the same again but there would always be something to be grateful for. Like the privileges— discounts on fastfood chains and fares. 😛

Just sharing this story so that whenever you are facing some difficulties, always remember to look at the brighter side of life. That some things really do change and you’ve got to live with it.

Always have a grateful heart, no matter what.