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If I could sum up everything I am feeling right now, I would be telling a lie if I say I AM perfectly FINE.

Bullshit. And another one.

Life would teach you so many lessons, that’s true. The harder the lesson- the deeper the wound, one thing’s for sure, that moment would stay in your heart for a lifetime or so.

After quite some time, you wouldn’t feel anything at all. The pain you felt before would be a faded memory. The heartbreaking scenario would just be another story you can laugh about. But that incident changed you forever.

I decided to write this so I would have a self reminder that it’s okay. Everything’s gonna be all right. On this day forward.

I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs yesterday. If only I could, I would. I wanted to cry and get tired from crying. I wanted someone to be there when I am about to give up. But I chose to stay calm. I chose to be quiet. I chose not to let my sadness swallow me whole. I chose to be different for this moment.

On this day forward, I would stay away from the people who hurt me. I would be happy living my life without them. I would learn to smile even if it hurts so much. I guess I am good at that.

This time, I won’t let my guard down. And if I could, I would build up walls so that I won’t let my self suffer and get hurt again.

I will be contented in what I have, and be GRATEFUL.

I would learn to appreciate simple things, and all the things that are done by the people who truly cares.

I won’t let anything or anyone destroy me again.

On this day forward, I WILL NEVER LOOK BACK.