But I saw her


She was instantly wiping the tears running down her cheeks because she knew that someone would see her crying.
Someone, even for a second, would stop and think, “why is she crying? What happened to her? Is she okay?”

Something happened to her for sure. Something that breaks her heart that even if she’s outside the building in the smoking area, she don’t mind.

Actually, she won’t mind at all. Maybe she can’t contain her sadness that she needs to let it out.

Her heart is breaking into pieces.


I saw her walking while wiping the tears ran down her cheeks. She was avoiding to look at me even if she knew I noticed her. I thought for a second, I hope she’s okay.

I didn’t mind seeing her cry. But I could hear her sighs and her heart’s breaking into pieces.

I know what it feels like….

I know because at that moment in the smoking area, I wanted to cry myself too.
I want to let it all out. To somehow feel okay after crying.

The past few days have been hard for me. It’s been really tough for three weeks already.
Sometimes I find myself crying on my way home, or even when I am walking and suddenly remember every shit that’s happening.

And every shit that isn’t happening.

Today, as I saw this girl crying, I was reminded of myself. Of how brave I am for not hiding what I feel. That maybe, I am not afraid to let everyone know that yes, my heart is breaking. I am crying but eventually, as I wipe the tears, I know I will be able to survive. In God’s time.


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