Take your FINAL bow?


They say you have to face your fears. But what if my fear used to be the reason of my happiness months ago? If this fear of seeing him and talking to him should be faced, then I must say, I really can’t face my fears.

That was weeks ago.

Finally, I have decided to face it. Met him last night. I was patiently waiting for almost 2 hours. He came…

I couldn’t explain how I felt when I saw him standing there. It feels like all the memories came flashing back when we used to see each other once or twice a week. I greeted him with a smile.

And he said sorry for being late (parang dati palagi din syang late sa usapan namin hehehe :p). Me, always forgiving. Charot :)))

We talked for an hour or so. And I admit, everything was so relieving.

I told him everything.

I didn’t ask him questions because I wanted him to speak up, to clear things and to be courageous enough to stand up like a real man. And I guess he did a good job.

I told him everything. Except for one… That I miss him so much I could cry all day, all night, because I can’t contain it anymore. 😦

But there are some things that should be left unspoken.

Like what I’ve been saying, this time I won’t let my guards down. I will be the protector of my heart because I own it. DUH. 🙂

I didn’t hear him say goodbye. I was expecting an ending, a dramatic scene maybe. But all I got was a smiling man who stood beside me waiting for my ride. “Okay na ha… :)”

I know we will see each other again. And who knows? It would be different. It would be what I am hoping for. Maybe it would be the perfect time at the perfect place.

No doors to be closed for now…




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