When You Lose Yourself In Others, They Get To Keep A Piece Of You


Thought Catalog


It just happens, unnoticed. We lose ourselves in everything we touch, in everyone we encounter. You leave a piece of yourself in the places you visit. The bed of sand and alluring waves at night become a holder of the the secrets you’ve been holding for so long, the morning after. The thoughts now jotted down take away something inside you. It extracts tiny pricks from your head. You reveal your vulnerability or power through the words that come out from your mouth.

Little by little, you lose pieces of yourself but there’s nothing you have to worry about. You’re made to leave marks on the things you touch. It’s like carving your name on a branch when you were high. You forget about it for days but when you come back to that same old spot, a memory hits you and you suddenly remember how much of a…

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